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The Shahaf Foundation

The Shahaf Foundation was established in 2010 as a unique philanthropic partnership. Its members are foundations, organizations and private donors in Israel and around the world who have joined together to promote young communities and to help turn this phenomenon into a national movement. The foundation’s partners, who commit to a period of 3-5 years, invest their funds jointly and are members of the foundation’s Board of Directors. The Shahaf Foundation leads a long-term strategy to support the development of the communities phenomenon through providing grants, guidance and training, as well as by leveraging partners in local government and national government ministries.

Each year, the foundation supports the establishment of new communities, assists existing communities and supports social and educational programs operated by the communities for the benefit of society. The foundation also supports networking between the various communities at the local and national levels, and supports organizations establish young communities from the entire spectrum of Israeli society.

The Shahaf Foundation guides the development of the communities movement by conducting evaluation studies, hold seminars and conferences and working to raise public awareness of this pioneering social movement.