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Arab Society

Over the last decade, the Foundation has monitored and supported the development of unique models of mission-driven communities adapted specifically for the Arab society.

With regard to the Druze society, the Foundation has supported the development of a network of seven communities that operate as part of the Ofakim LaA'tid NGO. This network focuses on the development of a young leadership, social participation and involvement, and making higher education more accessible. The network implements projects at the local and regional levels.

With regard to the Arab society, the Foundation monitors and supports the establishment of a network of communities – the Yar'a Network in cooperation with the Saned NGO. The communities constitute a unique model of youngster activism within Arab society, in the context of which the communities endeavor to make higher education more accessible, enhance identity, advance solutions for youngsters and improve the quality of life in Arab localities in Israel.

In addition to the local activity of each community, the Yar'a Network and Sanad provide an organizational infrastructure for the joint projects of the communities, professional training and coaching, and development of partnerships for the purpose of promoting the communities' activity.

With regard to the Bedouin society, the Foundation cooperates with the Tozeret Ha'Aretz NGO in the development of a community model in Rahat. It also cooperates with the Tamar Center and Ajik in the development of a network of adult communities.

Sample Projects

  • Youth leadership groups

  • Academic guidance days at high schools

  • Mentoring for youngsters by students

  • Introductory visits to universities for high and junior high school students

  • Transportation services for university students

  • Encouragement of reading

  • Preparation for the employment market

  • Culture, art and science events and lectures

  • Welfare assistance

Click here to view the logic model of operation in the Arab society. Click here to view the presentation.

Shahaf Foundation supports the development of an Arab civil society and the establishment of a young leadership that would lead Arab society in the coming years.

"The road to narrowing gaps between the sectors begins somewhere. I have no control over infrastructure, sanitation, health - every area is an omission in itself to me. But something is happening in Arab society in Israel that is not discussed enough except about violence and murder cases. Something good is happening here, more and more young people are finding their way to higher education, one that will get them out of the mud but not from the villages, but will bring them back with the tools in their hands and intelligent heads to build the future, while personal security remains mistreated.

More and more young people see living examples of lawyers, engineers, doctors, nurses and teachers - and realize that the gates of universities are not so far away from them already, because the academic is their brother, the neighbor or their friend, they see them every Saturday driving back to the school campus, or every evening driving back with the bag and the computer from another day's work - and with the light in their eyes- and they also have that light on."

Dunna Saabana, Yara'a organization


projects per year


800,000 beneficiaries


15,000 community members


towns & neighborhoods nation-wide



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