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The Young Adult intentional Community Movement in Israel

The members of the communities chose to share an active community lifestyle which includes joint study and a common social vision, and work together to bring about a profound, long-term change with the goal of ensuring equal opportunities and reduce gaps in Israeli society.

With the establishment of the Foundation in 2010, some 90 such communities were in operation throughout Israel. Today, following a decade of investment in producing, consolidating and influencing the communities where they operate, more than 280 communities are deployed and active throughout the geo-social periphery of Israel.

The communities represent a broad spectrum of sectors within Israeli society: graduates of pioneering youth movements, religious Zionists, orthodox religious youngsters, immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union, along with communities of local young adults from the Jewish, Arab, Druze and Bedouin sectors.

The Shahaf Foundation supported the establishment of numerous new communities over the years. Subsequently, the Foundation endeavored to consolidate those communities by empowering the community organizations that provide a support network for the communities. Additionally, the Foundation supported the establishment and consolidation of a nation-wide parent organization – Makom, the Israel Coalition of Groups and Communities.

The Israeli young intentional communities undertook, as their life-long mission, to bring about a long-term change in their towns and minimize educational and social gaps. The communities, deployed throughout Israel, operate various projects, such as youth social clubs, learning centers, neighborhood sustainability centers, social-business projects, programs for the development of local leadership and social seminaries. They are active in numerous diversified fields – local culture and art, community development, relief of loneliness, student villages, leadership groups and more.

The communities operate in cooperation with the local residents, the local authorities, local associations and the various government ministries for the purpose of producing unique solutions adapted to the different needs of each town and neighborhood.

We are proud of the movement whose growth and consolidation we supported, and of the significant accomplishments of the communities throughout Israel over the last decade.

projects per year

800,000 beneficiaries

15,000 community members

towns & neighborhoods nation-wide


Over the last decade, the Shahaf Foundation cultivated a movement of young intentional communities – groups of young adults committed to the future of Israeli society, who chose to settle permanently in towns and neighborhoods of Israel's geographic and social periphery.


"I am a great believer in communities, I belong to a large group of communities. We're doing really from the bottom up and for that we need a lot of dreamers. Both foundations, people on the ground and schools who come and say 'yes we have something to learn', and in this the Shahaf Foundation are amazing, from the first moment they are with us. So my dream is for there to be more and more communities and that we will not wait for anyone to come and do the work for us because we know what is best for us."

Yuvi Tsuma, CEO, Friends in Nature communities

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More information

The Parent Organization of the Community Movement – the Israel Council of Groups & Communities

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