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חזון קרן שח"ף

Over the last decade, the Foundation has invested in the establisment and consolidation of a movement of young intentional communities in Israel – 280 communities in 90 localities, spanning the entire range of Israeli society, all endeavoring to enhance community resilience.

The Foundation aspires to fulfill its vision and goals in cooperation with the local authority, the state and philanthropists in Israel and around the world.


A philanthropic partnership acting to reduce gaps and offer an equal opportunity while empowering community and communality for the benefit of bringing about a significant leap in the quality of life in the geo-social periphery of Israel.


The Shahaf Foundation will advance the communities and communality at the local and nation-wide levels, while providing tools and improving professionalism, identifying quality local forces and promoting social activism, all as part of a local and nation-wide fabric of partnerships.

The Shahaf Foundation was established in 2010 as a unique philanthropic partnership whose partners endeavor to advance and empower the geo-social periphery of Israel and convert the neighborhoods and towns there from vulnerable distress areas into strong, in-demand areas.

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