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Services & Support Offered to Associations/NPOs through the Infrastructure Project

The Infrastructure Project offers a holistic solution to the problems facing associations/NPOs pursuant to the Covid-19 crisis. The project concept maintains that at times of crisis, there is a need for a single body capable of coordinating and providing various types of assistance and knowledge until organizational stability has been regained. The assistance offered focuses on thorough monitoring and support, over a period of one year, in the following areas: strategy, finances, resource development, revenue development, impact investments, marketing, assimilation of technological tools, public relations, et al. The unique intervention concept of the project maintains that the assistance should be provided through actual services, practical activities with and on behalf of the association/NPO, rather than just through consulting and coaching. The assistance program was designed as an all-embracing envelope, with close monitoring and support by a case manager who integrates the assistance process, consulting activities and services in the various categories.

The project is run by two staff members of the Shahaf Foundation: Inbal Freund and Eliad Melamed, who possess know-how and experience in the areas for which the project offers assistance. Additionally, the project is monitored and supported by other professionals from diversified disciplines: public relations, assimilation of IT systems, technology, organizational development, etc.

The Infrastructure Project has been accompanying dozens of organizations, including:

  • Muslala – the Laboratory for the Study of Creative & Sustainable Urbanism, has received support for the development of a business plan and submissions for programs that were granted hundreds of thousands of ILS in support, including a program promoting beehive keeping by women from Eastern Jerusalem belonging to deciles 1 and 2. These women raise bees and sell honey (thereby increasing their revenue by about 50%), as well as contributing to the reintroduction of bees and to ecology in Jerusalem. Additionally, this project attracted some tourism around the subject in the Eastern part of the city.

  • The Yar'a network – Sanad association, helping communities in the Arab sector, have received monitoring through government support on mission-driven communities, and are the first entrepreneur to have received support for the development of the network and in six communities.

  • The Bnei Avraham Orchard – an association working toward a comprehensive transformation of consciousness through the promotion of coexistence between Arabs and Jews in Israel, has received monitoring and support for the development of a community center, for the preparation of a business plan, for the advancement of an Arab-Jewish school in Jaffa and for raising resources.

  • From Darkness to Light Together – an association offering long-term group psychotherapy to victims of sexual abuses in childhood – an evaluation and measurement program, establishment of a management committee.


The Infrastructure Project has delivered a first training course on developing resources and establishing infrastructures for associations/NPOs in cooperation with the Shahaf Foundation and Hackaveret – Israel's Center for Social Innovation. 24 participants from various associations/NPOs attended the course.

The Covid-19 crisis had a severely damaging effect on the social and business sectors. Consequently, the Israel Ministry of Economy & Industry initiated a new project intended to rehabilitate small and medium businesses, including social associations/NPOs and businesses. This has presented an opportunity to strengthen the organizational infrastructures of the Third Sector and depart from a crisis situation to a situation of opportunity.

The Shahaf Foundation, in cooperation with Hatashtit – the Infrastructure Project, were appointed on behalf of the Ministry of Economy & Industry, to provide support to associations/NPOs and organizations and help them consolidate their activities for the long run.

"We started working with the infrastructure program a year ago on developing organizational infrastructures in the field of resource development and have already managed to raise over 1 million NIS! Beyond professionalism, personal attitude and teamwork, we have discovered people with heart, vision and a desire to have more impact on society with us."

Matan Israeli, CEO of Musala

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