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The Shahaf Foundation – Looking Ahead, Spreading the Message

Resilient Community

A joint project with the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs, JDC Israel, the Rashi Foundation and the Yad HaNadiv Foundation, aimed at strengthening local communities in the geo-social periphery, while improving social mobility and quality of life in neighborhoods and towns. In the context of this project, various programs would be launched at each local authority, according to its specific needs. Examples: establishment of a community inhabitant forum, social projects, local economic initiatives and so forth.

Senior Citizen Communities

We are currently developing an innovative model of communities for senior citizens throughout the country. In cooperation with the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs, we will establish communities that would fight loneliness and provide a sense of belonging and a meaningful life to individuals past retirement age. A senior citizen community will consist of dozens of pension-age members who choose to lead a community life and engage in community activity, including group meetings and various voluntary activities.

Municipal Strategy for Promoting Community & Communality at the Local Authorities

In cooperation with the local authorities, we will establish and firm up community sections while promoting such values as identity, belonging, local pride, solidarity, partnership and participation.

Strengthening communality as a municipal strategy that encompasses all of the elements of the local authority, turning the municipal space into a generator of communality, would minimize negative migration of young individuals and families and encourage positive immigration while strengthening the sense of belonging and developing community resilience – all through a communality experience and quality bonds among the local inhabitants.

We will endeavor to strengthen the activities of the community sections of the local authorities, to develop a community section profession in cooperation with the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs and the Rashi Foundation, to provide budgets to community projects sprouting from the ground up, to the establishment of learning communities and to community and communality activities.


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